Thursday, September 29, 2016

Blue Mountains Trail Running Routes

It's beginning to feel a lot like Trail Running Season has just started! I've been hitting the trails a lot more lately in preparation for the Trail World Championships in Portugal.

I dug this up today, and would be useful for anyone, especially beginners, that may be looking for some classic Blue Mountains Trail Running routes. These aren't super tough routes but are all beautiful in their own right.

This was a piece I wrote for the Ultra-Trail Australia magazine last year, so I haven't actually included any of the trails on the UTA course. There are some sensational trails equally as impressive as those used in the UTA all over the mountains.

I'm always happy to share more of my routes that I've found over the years too as I've got heaps of routes saved in my Strava Run routes 


  1. I am also trying to get up and get some time to explore some of the trails. Glad that you provided the Top 10 Trail runs so that I don't have to look up for them.

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