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Running Highlights

Date Race Distance Time Pos Comments
27/11/16 IAU 100km World Championships 100k Road 6:44:20 10th WMA Silver 35-39
06/11/16 Bog & Bryn Challenge 13.5mi Trail 1:39:11 1st
29/10/16 IAU Trail World Championships 85k Trail 12:16:40 103rd
16/10/16 Melbourne Marathon 42.2k Road 2:39:19 26th Representing ANSW
01/10/16 Western Sydney Marathon 42.2k Road 2:43:24 1st
25/09/16 RW Lawson Race - Short 9.2k Trail 0:39:11 1st
11/09/16 Run The Great Whitsunday Trail Ultra 57.4k Trail 4:54:15 1st Set Course Record
04/09/16 SIDS Stampede 21.1k Road 1:14:09 1st New Course Record
28/08/16 NSW Half Marathon Champs 21.1k Road 1:12:46 5th 2nd M35-39
14/08/16 City2Surf 14k Road 0:47:43 38th
17/07/16 Raffertys Coastal Run 35k Trail 2:44:08 1st New Course Record
29/05/16 Comrades Marathon 89.13k Road 5:53:55 19th Wally Hayward Medal
13/05/16 Ultra-Trail Australia Pace22 22k Trail 1:43:42 2nd 2nd M30-39
01/05/16 Bathurst Half Marathon 21.1k Road 1:14:27 1st 1st M35-44
17/04/16 RW Mt Solitary Ultra 45k Trail 4:50:22 4th 1st M30-39
10/04/16 Canberra Marathon 42.2k Road 2:32:50 3rd 1st M30-39
12/03/16 Sixfoot Track Marathon 45k Trail 3:26:01 2nd 1st M30-39
28/02/16 Orange Marathon 42.2k Road 2:38:06 2nd
21/02/16 RW Wentworth Falls Race - Long 16k Trail 1:24:54 1st
26/01/16 RW Knapsack Lap Race 5k Trail Laps 3:24:01 1st Pairs w/ Graham Hand
17/01/16 Two Bays Trail Run 56k Trail 4:19:13 3rd