Monday, September 29, 2008

Fitzoy Falls Fire Trail Marathon 2008

My quads are still aching but the satisfaction of beating my course PB by 17mins eases the pain.

This is a great event, well run and orgainised...kudos to Max and his hard working committee and sponsors.

I really like how the presentations start after most of the competitors finish. That has the 6 foot feel about it and what better way to pass the time than chatting to other runners and relaxing on the lawn on the beautiful property while tucking into a killer steak and egg roll.

My race went to plan...go out reasonably solidly and hold on in the back half. Knew the back end was a lot hillier and wasn't proved wrong. Some of those gradual inclines are killers too. What about the hill at 38km?? Somebody take that out of the course please!! Managed to maintain form up until 38km and the last 4 were the crawl to the finish. Definitely benefitted from the 2 week taper I had leading into this.

Managed to keep within a minute or two of Tim Cochrane and Jo Blake up until about 30km before the gap widened but was thrilled to hear at the finish it was only 3 minutes difference in the end.

MrsD and I wound down what was a wonderful weekend by visiting the tulip festival. My mother is Dutch so I have some affinity with tulips!