Monday, December 7, 2009

Tougher that 6 Foot Track...the Deep Space Mountain Marathon

The 45km, 6 Foot Track Marathon, run by 850 hardy, seasoned trail runners each year, is often thought of as one of the toughest trail races under 50km in Australia. Indeed, ask any of these participants and 99% would surely agree, and I was once one of them, until...
I finished the Deep Space Mountain Marathon in Canberra.

I got a taste of the insanity that this race is last year, however it was more the conditions of the day, rather than the course and terrain that broke my spirit that day. On that day I experienced blizzard like conditions (OK there was snow) and had to pull out at the pikers option 25km mark. I was determined to exact revenge this year on this 44km epic through the mountains of Namadgi National Park in the ACT.

I won’t go into great detail about the course, it’s a regular trail run with a bit of tarmac thrown it. The terrain is mostly regular trail width. It’s the elevation that makes this race unique! There is absolutely no flat sections in the entire journey of any great significance, and you always seem to be either grinding it out going uphill or smashing your quads to smithereens on steep drops downhill.

I think I came to the conclusion that it is tougher than 6 foot after finishing, but it was really confirmed for me the days after the race. I have not felt the pain and DOMS in my legs ever before after any other race than what I felt then. I was a hobbling mess and was finding the regular daily tasks, eg walking, very very difficult!

Saying that however, I loved every second of the pain. Yes I am a confirmed nutcase!
Here is a scaled elevation chart, which compares it to 6 foot track. Top is Deep Space, bottom is 6 foot.

Put this one on your race calendar next year!

Take your pick! DSMM (top) in comparison to 6FT.