It's a great honour to be supported by Inov-8 International. I first discovered Inov-8 trail shoes while in Keswick, UK in 2009 and have worn nothing since. They simply have all the qualities that I believe a trail running shoe should have; light, grippy and minimalist. In 2012, I became a member of their International Trail Running Team. In 2013, I was very fortunate to attend their inaugural athlete retreat in Chamonix, France. I see my role not only as an athlete, but as a Brand Ambassador. In this role, I am able to provide feedback and give reviews on new footwear and apparel and advise other athletes about the range of Inov-8 products and how they will improve athletic performance.

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My main Australian sponsors, 'Barefoot Inc' are the ultimate for all lovers of minimalist running gear. They are the Australian distributors of the Inov-8 range of trail running shoes; the only shoes I wear on the road or trail, Vibram FiveFingers which I train in at the track and the UltrAspire range of hydration packs that I use in all my training and ultras. They believe in products that enhance training comfort and performance without compromising our natural movement. Their showroom and online shop offer minimalist footwear, socks, clothing and gear that they, and the athletes that use, live, train, race and win in. Other athletes in the Barefoot Inc supported Inov-8 Australia team include runners Shona Stephenson, Jo Brischetto, Matty Abel and Alex Matthews; Obstacle Course racer Lachlan Dansie and Cross Fit Athlete Leah Richardson.

Lake Crackenback Resort and Spa's slogan is 'Relax, Rejuvinate, Activate' and I am honoured to be a Trail Running Ambassador at this beautiful resort located in the stunning Snowy Mountains of NSW. In this role I host a number of weekend Trail Running Camps each year with fellow Ambassador Hanny Allston. This is a great resort to stay at for those that love trail running. There are many challenging trails on the grounds of the resort to test yourself on and then there is Thredbo and Mt Kosciuszko only a short drive away for the serious mountain runners!

ThermaTech offers a comprehensive technical range of thermoregulating sports, thermal and outdoor apparel, socks and sports accessories that are functional, durable and reliable for everyday performance and outdoor recreational use at an affordable price.

The underlying principle behind ThermaTech is “Thermoregulating” (temperature control) and ”Technical” apparel. Hence “ThermaTech: Warm in Winter, Cool in Summer and Dry all year round”.

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Hammer Nutrition Australia are great supporters of me and have supplied me with all my nutrition and supplement needs throughout my career. I  regularly use their products in my own training and racing and I find their products convenient to carry and easy to consume. I'm a big fan of their Perpetuem fuel which maintains energy levels over long periods, Hammer Gels and also the Endurolyte capsules which are very convenient to take in order to restore salt and mineral loss. All. products are made of natural ingredients which is a big reason why I only use Hammer products in all my training and racing.

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I'm very excited to be an Ambassador for Injinji Performance Products Australia. Injinji is the innovator of the 'Original Performance Toesock' for runners and active outdoor enthusiasts. Injinji, which means to reach one's peak in performance, is dedicated to helping athletes attain their personal best. The toesocks allows the entire foot to perform naturally and freely inside our shoes, just like being barefoot. They engage the toes, increase dexterity, prevent blisters and are cooler to wear. I only wear Injinji socks in my training and racing, and their ultra thin socks are my favourites!

I'm very happy to be an Ambassador for Mountain Sports, an events management company based in the Blue Mountains. These guys have a simple goal; to bring the best quality races in the best possible locations, whether it be trail running, mountain biking, triathlon or multisport events. Some of their events that I take part in are the Sydney Trailrunning Series, the Glow Worm Tunnel Trail Marathon and the Kanangra 50 Trail Ultra. Knowing the company directors with their long history in the sport, I can vouch that they only have the best interests in the further growth and development of all the sports they are involved in.

Suunto make a range of GPS watches that I have found very useful as both a training tool and as a race day 'coach'. I say that because their watches offer much more than just GPS and heart rate data. In fact, there is very little a Suunto Ambit can't help you with; from the basic functions of pace, speed, elevation and distance; to intricate assistance in terms of hydration and nutrition needs, reaching threshold levels and barometric and weather data.

Valley Fitness is a first class fitness centre in St Mary's, Western Sydney. It is spread over 2 levels and over 2000sq meters of floor space. I often use the gym in the morning. Of particular benefit is the Altitude Training Chamber. I find that Altitude training allows me to gain maximum benefits while minimising the exercise time required. It's a key component in my weekly training cycle.

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Ask any ultra runner what their most crucial piece of equipment is during night running, and it the resounding response will be their lighting. I choose to use Ferei lighting, in particular the HL20 600 Lumen LED Headlamp. This headlamp is arguably the brightest, toughest and most intelligent headlamp available on the international market. The Ferei HL20 is extremely lightweight, robust and is the ideal outdoorsman tool suitable for ultra running. Using the optional external battery pack, I have run through whole nights with ease.

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LifeStraw is an award winning water filter designed to be used to filter water so that the user may safely drink it. LifeStraw water filters are a light and durable way to filter water from any fresh water source, perfect for trail runners who spend many hours in remote areas. I use the LifeStraw Personal when out on long training runs in the Blue Mountains. It's changed my hydration practises, enabling me to go on long runs without having to carry water with me. Although I trust most water sources here, it just gives me the peace of mind.