Sunday, July 31, 2011

M7 Marathon Pacing

It was a beautiful morning for running, cool, cloudy and not a breath of wind. I felt good churning out 4:15 kms but always had to keep myself in check to stop myself getting carried away and running too fast. Had a great time with the Sub 3 wannabees, we rode the wave of the ups and downs of marathoning today. Thankfully was able to help 1 or 2 get home, and a couple of others mighty close.

Got a nice comment on CR from a fella that just got under, made the day all worthwhile, although saying that the cash they hand out for podiums would have come in handy, especially with the Commonwealth Champs in September looming. Don't know what I could have run today if I had raced though. Still feeling a little sluggish post Kokoda Challenge but it was really nice putting on the racing flats again.

Focus is now on the shorter, faster stuff. Next week I am in a Bay Run Fun Run team for Woodstock, and then the C2S where going on current form should go close to a PB.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Returning 'thanks' to running

I have been thinking about what it's going to be like when I move up to Woodford and the changes that I am going to have to make to the 'running' part of my life. One thing I am going to miss in particular is the training sessions with Woodstock Runners. Not only does it give me a very good workout and valuable training session, but the friends and relationships I've made over the years are of far more value than anything else.

One aspect of being involved with Woodstock has been the responsibilities I've taken on that have no doubt made more a more skilled and relational person. I've also had the opportunity to give back to running in many ways, not out of a sense of duty, but as a way to share the joys of our sport and to help others achieve their goals whether big or small. I am most proud of TNT, our weekly interval session night that I started in 2009. From very basic beginnings, I built it up to be the most popular Woodstock training session and the one session that draws most new members to the club. It went from a small group, to a bigger group, which resulted in me obtaining my Level 2 athletics coaching certificate. It now regularly attracts over 25 runners and has helped many achieve individual milestones. I am going to miss this, but I hope to get back every now and then. I know it is in good hands with El Prez, Marty, at the helm.

Another way of given back to running is by being a pacer in races. Talking of which, I've put my hand up to be the 2:59:59 pacer this Sunday in the M7 marathon. I really like doing this job, I've done it twice before and I know that I am in good enough shape to run the time easily.

I just encourage anyone who is happening to be reading to think about how to give back. It could be leading a training group in the lead up to a race, being a pacer, volunteering at a race, hosting a race...whatever. The satisfaction is immense and balances the 'running' life.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

No beep :-(

Woodstock El Prez Marty messaged me today to let me know that he has postponed the Beep Test that we usually do every 2nd month at TNT. I was looking forward to it, but also knew that I was no way near going to match my effort from 2 months ago (Level 14, step 9). I think I will be better prepared in 2 weeks when it is planned to go mid 15-16.

Last couple of days training has been OK. Not great but at least starting to feel like the fatigue from Kokoda is over. Did a nice 12km tempo on Tuesday night in 3:42s and last night my regular 10 miler in 4:12s.

Going to try and hit the altitude chamber this arvo after work and then to 400m reps at TNT tonight. This is more like my regular routine!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm going to try and blog more regularly. Well more regularly than once every two years anyway. The reasons I love sport and running is the variety that it throws up; I'd like to record this and if people like reading my thoughts well all the better. Have been inspired to keep a blog from all the other runners out there that have one! So I should be able to find 5 minutes a day to jot down some thoughts.

I actually have a stack of posts in draft still, I think I was waiting to add pictures to them before publishing, so I'll eventually retrospectively add those in too.

Today I'm still feeling quite stiff and sore from Kokoda, so had a long stretch in the shower. Will have to miss training at Woodstock tonight as the Boss and I have a meeting with our solicitor about our house purchase. Must say am looking forward to the new training grounds of the Blue Mountains. Fresh air, mountains to run and wildlife everywhere...

Monday, July 18, 2011

Kokoda Challenge 2011

Just going to be really lazy here and share a link to my good friend and Kokoda Challenge teammate, Mick Donges' blog entry of the event. I have also linked in the audio interview that we did with ABC radio on the Gold Coast. That was really good fun, we were just so amped when we were interviewed, it wasn't long after we finished the race and realised that we had smashed the course record by close to an hour and a half!

Mick Donges - Travel, training & race journal: Kokoda Challenge 2011: "The Kokoda Challenge is a 96km team event held in the hinterland of the Gold Coast. It has an elevation change of 5000m and is run on a ..."