Wednesday, December 29, 2010

2010, A Year in Review

As 2010 draws to a close, it’s worth reflecting on what the year has dished out for good and bad. For me at least, it’s been one of those years where the good has seemed to outweigh the dramas of life, and I have running to thank for a lot of that.

Not having to work this year has obviously helped my running. Managing a Masters degree is easier than managing a job! Cycling the 12km to uni and back each day has also had the added benefit of extra cross training I would not have otherwise had time to do.

This year I’ve been able to significantly lower all my main PBs.

• 5000m – 16:14 at NSW Masters Championships

• 7km Bay Run – 23:52 at Woodstock Handicap #3

• 10K – 33:48 at Cooks River Fun Run

• Half Marathon – 1:14:35 at Penrith Lap the Lake Half Marathon

• Marathon – 2:33:45 at Melbourne

I’ve also had the honour of representing both NSW (Australian Marathon Champs) and Australia (World Long Distance Mountain Running Champs).

I’ve even managed a few fun run wins in there as well, and set the course record at the Deep Space Mountain Marathon in the process of winning that race. I’ve podiumed in many other races too, including Adventure Races (a triathlon, but in the bush).

My favourite race would have to be still 6 Foot Track Marathon. It is one event I really enjoy training for as it gets me out in the great Aussie bush and up and down hills. It doesn’t really sound like fun but let me tell you it is! This year I finished 6th and am hoping to go a few places better in 2011. That will be my target race for the time being.

One thing I must be grateful for is the fact that I have not been injured this year. The consistency in training and conditioning that this allows is a massive factor in the success I’ve had.

As I look around my running club and wider running community, I can see so many great runners of all ages, and that inspiration and encouragement contributes so much. I hope that 2011 is one that is injury free and you can also tick off some PBs, SBs, or age PBs.
Racing at the SMH Half. I set a NSW M30 state record in this race!