Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life is bliss in the mountains

Maybe it's just been the gorgeous Spring weather we've been having or the easy transition I've had in regards to training and training groups, but I can honestly say I'm loving living in the Blue Mountains. Everything has fallen into place nicely...yes there are a million things to do around the new house, but both Nadine and I could not be happier about the local community and the environment around us.

Nadine is easy to please. A $6 bird seed bell is all it takes. A couple of days out on the deck and we are now being visited constantly by sulfer crested ccockatoos, native pigeons, crimson rosellas, king parrots and all the other birds that call our backyard home. We've been busy painting the house and that is slowly getting there as well - all we can do is chip away at the jobs that need doing but at least they're getting done.

I'm a little harder to please, but all it took was a couple of bush runs to convince me that this is now home. After a couple of unexciting night road runs, I've had the chance in the last couple of days to explore the local trails, and what I've found has been magnificent. There is a nice little trail that I can get to by going into the bush in my backyard that then hooks onto the Murphy's Glen firetrail which is the gateway to the Blue Labyrinth and beyond! Today I went on a trail that local runners and friends Wayne Bulloch and Mick Donges have both recommended - the Faulconbridge Point run. The views from the Point over the Grose Valley are simply amazing!

On the training front, I couldn't be happier how it is all going prior to the upcoming Commonwealth Championships. I've hooked up with the Spilling Squad for interval training which has been the perfect substitute for TNT (which I do miss still though!). Really fast guys like Earl O'Brian are really pushing me beyond my limit (for the first rep anyhow!!). I've also been on a LSD with Ben Sleep Train Artup and plan to soon hook up for morning runs with BMMC more regularly. I've also made Wednesday afternoon mid week long run a permanent thing with Wayne Bulloch who works at Penrith. The mid week long run has always been a run that I have found hard to be motivated to do; with great company like Wayne it is now something I look forward to.

Racing wise, I was very lucky to snare a 3rd at the recent Willy 2 Billy. All I can say is that I am lucky it is a downwhillers race! On Saturday I have the Coastal Classic. I am looking forward to that very much; back to my old stomping ground at Bundeena!