Wednesday, April 18, 2012

100K World Champs - The Main Contenders Part 2

The IAU have finally released the complete starters list for Sunday's race. Here it is.

Apart from the big names already mentioned in the previous post, it was very pleasing to see the Greek God of Ultrarunning (he's an Aussie too!), Yiannis Kouris in the field. If you don't know about Yiannis' achievements in the sport of Ultrarunning, you must check them out. Some phenomenal achievements, especially on the road and the track.

In the women's field, UKs Lizzie Hawker will be the one to watch but there are so many other fast European ladies in the field as well.

I've had a very busy taper period. For the last week and a half I've been travelling around Turkey with Nadine. We have been to so many places and seen so many wonderful things, so lots of walking around. I've been able to fit in some 1 hour runs on most days. There have been some very memorable runs and I believe running around a foreign land is the best way to see the country and the sights. I've taken my camera out on most runs and captured some fantastic scenery and culture. Some of the highlights have been running along the Mamara Sea coast in Istanbul, running through the lunar landscape of Cappodocia and I've even managed a few little mountain runs in too.

Turkey is a fabulous place to travel. One reason is the food. I've been really impressed by the local diet; all fresh food; fish, lamb, salads, olives, tea, bread, fruit and very little alcohol, fast food or sugar. On the whole I've eaten very well and am actually the lightest I've been in a long time-perfect for a big race. However the temptations, especially in Istanbul are all around! This is the land of Kebabs (locally Kebaps), baklava, and Turkish Delights.

Tomorrow, I leave for Italy and race headquarters in Seregno will be the first stop before heading to the athletes village. Then I will start my carbo-loading and final preparations for the race. I still have the goal of a sub 7 hour time very much in mind.

 Temptations are everywhere!