Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Oh hills how I have missed you!

After a considerable period training entirely on the road in preparation for the World Champs, I have reacquainted myself with my friends, the Woodford Hills.

I thought that it would be tough, given the post 100k fatigue, though I was pleased to find that I ran them easily and freely. A good sign with less than 20 days until the next big race, TNF100.

I am struggling a little bit with some general soreness and my legs are still pretty smashed up so just keeping the mileage between now and TNF100 pretty low. Have lost all the speed I built up for the World Champs, but that is OK, it was always going to happen. I really want to do well at TNF100, it is the event that I would love to win; it's the local race and it attracts the best quality field. I would love to repay some of the kindness barefootinc have shown me too. A winner wearing inov-8s would be great! However, it's going to be very tough. The Blue Mountains gang alone; Mick, Sleep Train, Andy Lee are all world class trail runners. Then you have other awesome athletes like Andrew Tuckey, Clarke McClymont and Damon Goerke and then throw in the internationals like Vajin Armstrong from NZ, Jez Bragg from the UK, Ryan Sandes from South Africa and a top 10 spot looks like a great achievement!

The only other issue I'm having at the moment is my ravenous appetite. After the World Champs I ate like a machine, indulging is quality Greek cuisine, breads and olive oil rich foods, it's easy to pile on the weight I stripped down to for the 100ker.

I ran a couple of memorable training runs while overseas, here are some pics of the more stunning ones!

OK, not a running shot, but  shot with a legend of the sport, Yianni Kouros. Fortunate to spend an hour or so talking to him on our way to Greece the next day too!
At Pamukkale calcite terraces in Turkey.
Cappadocia, Tukey
Running around the Greek Island of Spetses.
Running up to a monestry on the Greek Island of Hydra
Part of the original marathon route in Athens