Monday, January 14, 2013

Sydney Trailrunning Series

Well nothing much to report from a performance point of view! Nearly exactly the same time as Race 1, got my butt kicked and to be expected really given the break I've been having. A good field for the second race, great to see the big numbers. This really is a very tricky little 10km course that Sean and Mel from Mountain Sports have put on!

About the only cool thing from my perspective were these photos that Shona's husband (and professional photographer) Michael Leadbetter took. What brilliant work from Mikey! He takes and gives out these photos for free at his site. So next time you see Mikey out on the course, or see Shona, make sure you thank them for this wonderful service they do for everyone.

All gearing up for the inaugural Ultra Training Australia camp this Saturday. It's going to be great! As well as Mikey being out there to take photos of the participants, and a Hammer Nutrition goodies bag for all to take away, Shona and I will be chucking in our prizes that we won from the race on Sunday as lucky draw prizes too, just another great reason why our camps rock!