Thursday, May 15, 2014

Back in the Backyard!

Only two more sleeps now until the TNF100/50 and things are gathering momentum up here in the Blue Mountains. Ewan Horsburgh rang me today and told me he spotted Naria Picas shopping at the Woolworths in Katoomba...but I digress.

Personally, I'm looking forward to Saturday very much. I had a great time out there last year and I'm hoping that I can enjoy the course, the atmosphere and the physicality involved even half as much as last year. I just love this event; it's quintessential Aussie trail running and I get to do it with so many mates from the front to the middle and back of the pack. This year, I've had the absolute pleasure of taking so many people out with me on the course as part of my UP Coaching training days. I've enjoyed sharing with everyone my thoughts about how to tackle the race. These are people with differing motivations and purposes in their ultra running journeys, yet from the top of the field runners to the back, the level of camaraderie and support never wanes. I wish you all safe and successful running. When the going gets tough (and it will), just take a look around, breath in some clean mountain air, listen to the birds and things will pick up. Think how privileged we are to have the opportunity to do what we do.

Above all though, it's wonderful to see how this event highlights equally the immense beauty and indigenous significance of this part of the world. It's a spectacular place to run through, and the course adjustment this year if any highlights this beauty even more with the 5th leg (first in the 50) particularly stunning when run in that direction. For those first timers in this race, don't forget to say G'day to the didge players on top of Iron Pot Ridge too.

I'm feeling ready to go, I hope you are too!

You can follow race progress online here

I'll also be carrying a tracker that can be seen on the TNF website

iRunFar's preview by Rachel Jacqueline and Aussie site Ultra168's preview

See you all out there!
On Federal Pass with Mt Sol in background. Don't forget to take a peak!