Sunday, January 11, 2015

2015 - The Year Ahead

2015 will pick up where 2014 left off and again I'll be competing extensively both in Australia and internationally.

My major races are locked in and they are:

Transgrancanaria, Spain
This is the first of four of the UTWT events I'll be taking part in this year. This event is located on the beautiful Grand Canary island off the coast of Morocco. This 125km course looks a beauty with 8500m+ Unfortunately this will mean that I won't be able to run in the 6 Foot Track Marathon...again!

Buffalo Stampede, Australia
With Transgrancanaria training keeping me on my toes in January and February, I should get to the SkyRunning Oceania Championship race in better shape than last year and hopefully be able to climb Mick's Wall faster than at 40:00 pace :-)

Wings For Life World Run, Australia
Unfortunately due to recovery from UTMF, I had to miss this event last year. With it now in Melbourne, it's penned in for this year. This will be my first road ultra for the year.

The North Face 100, Australia
My second UTWT event, and one that I couldn't miss for the world.

Trail des Cagous, New Caledonia
My half of the prizes that I shared with Dave Eadie last year from Surf Coast Century. This should be an interesting race!

Western States Endurance Run, USA
The Grandaddy, so excited to be able to come back and have another crack at this great race. With Tucks also being selected through UTWT, this will be awesome for so many reasons.

IAU 100km World Championship, The Netherlands
The third World Championships and the one run I'm desperately trying to nail a top 10 at after 11th and 12th on the last two occasions.

Ultra Trail Mt Fuji (UTMF), Japan
The date has moved from Cherry Blossom season to September, but I'll be back for my third tilt at this great 100 miler, the 4th and last of my UTWT events.

The Hounslow Classic
Another SkyRunning race; this time in my own backyard.

No doubt there will be a few other races along the way too!


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