Saturday, May 3, 2008

State 10K PB

I can't believe it but I achieved another distance PB this morning. Finished in a time of 35:49 and have cracked the 36 minute 10k for the first time. From the results it looks like I finished 64th. That means I am the 64th quickest person over 10km in the State!! Of course I'm not including the thousands of thousands of others capable of beating that time that didn't run on the day, but hey, I like the sounds of 64th in the State!

There were lots and lots of athletes out there this morning. Gorgeous running conditions, the course was flat and the turnaround points were very wide enabling the momentum to be maintained. Lots of PBs out there today. Well done everybody!

I tried to stick with some of the big guns from the start but as the race developed I just couldn't go with them as much as I tried. I just don't have the maybe some more intervals might be in order. I will also look at my technique as it could quite possibly be working against me.

But am happy as Larry that these P's are coming thick and fast. Surely now they have to stop? Who knows until next weekend!

On a side note, I have to buy a smaller running singlet. That chest hair can be no good for wind resistance!