Saturday, May 17, 2008

SMH eve and I'm running?

Headed down to Winston Hills for the West Metro run to get a little speed into the legs before tomorrow's SMH Half Marathon. Yes, some would call this foolhardy but a small trot before a big run has never done me much harm in the past. I intended to do the 4km run but got there a little late for that so entered the 8km with the intention to take the first 4km reasonably hard and then coast around for the remainder. Was happy that for once I actually did stick to the race plan...well almost. I couldn't resist doing a little bit of 'racing' with one of the fellows from Hills who tried to take me at about 4km. We played a little game of cat and mouse for about a km before common sense prevailed and I dropped the pace right back to save the legs for tomorrow.

I came in 6th in about 30:00. The second lap would have been at least a minute and a half slower than the first but that is a good warm up for tomorrow...I hope! They are forecasting rain and wind so it's sounding like it's going to be a real slog out there. Should sort the men from the boys! A nice big dinner tonight and a few beers while watching the dragons play is just about the best preparation one could have!