Wednesday, April 23, 2008


I went over Ian's house last weekend for some mountain biking around Engadine. When I got there he showed me a photo on his computer of me taken at his engagement party in November 2006. I think it was this one. I think I am the one on the left..but like Ian said he wasn't sure who that was when he saw the photo!

This would have been taken around the time when I was at the heaviest I had ever been in my life. I may even had been a little heavier the following January as I did have a 6 week holiday in Vietnam just after this photo was taken! Yum!!

It was the following March when I decided that I no longer wanted to have the lifestyle that led to me looking like that. It wasn't a decision based on body image or appearance, but purely on health and lifestyle choices. I see the physical changes as a bonus. I have to thank Ian for giving me the kick-start that I needed. It was Ian who first floated the idea of running and mountain biking together. Since then he has become my brother-in-law and have spent many hours together training and just 'chewing the fat' together. I look forward to riding Dirtworks 100km race in a few weeks with him heaps. So thank you Ian. By the way, he has a great new blog here.