Sunday, November 20, 2011

Injuries come in 3s (I'm hoping)

Not such a great post today, seems my left leg has decided, again, to pack it in.

This is the third injury I've had on this leg in the last month and a bit, this time it's a calf strain, not in the same place as the last one, more towards the achilles this time.

Seems it's good for 100k of steady running but not 21.1km of intense down and ups.

Second Running Wild event now where it's ended in injury, starting to get a little frustrated.

Seems the Kedumba Half is my bogey event. Last year I took a trip to Katoomba Hospital post race, this year I had to hobble, hop and walk most of the climb. At least I won the thing last year!

Andrew Tuckey again showed his class. His climbing yesterday was amazing to watch. My tactic was to try and put as much gap on him as possible on the downhill to the valley. I don't think my split to the bottom was as quick as last year but I still got there 1st, Tucks was only 20s or so behind though. On his climb yesterday I would have needed at least 3 minutes!

He is a special for B2H, but also watch out for Andy Lee who is showing some good form too.