Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

This has been the question I've been asking myself for the last week while desperately trying to recover from a calf strain in preparation for the GNW100k this Saturday. I really have considered pulling the pin and having a DNS. I even have considered upgrading to the longer, yet slower 100 miler, in order to not risk restraining the muscle which is feeling particularly more at risk of doing so the faster I run.

The litmus test was last weekend. With friends Terry and Chaia, we did a nice out and back to Faulco Point. We all had different agendas and reasons for the run, but for me it was my fitness test and first run since the injury and therefore was D day for the decision.

I went OK, with kilometres around 5-6 minutes, this would have to be one of the slowest 10 milers I have done, but it served as a valuable trial run as in reality this will be the pace for a lot of the race. I even pushed the last 4kms around 4:15 pace, and while the calf didn't like this much, there was no pain and no post run soreness which was all the encouragement I needed. I am in.

Yesterday, to prove that it wasn't just a good day, I ran out and back along Linden Ridge which is quite a deal hillier. While the calf pulled through fine, I got absolutely drenched in the downpour, but was a happy chappy to say the least after the run.

I am now looking forward to getting out there and giving that race record a rip, there is no doubt I am fit enough and hopefully the body will hold together on the day. Good luck to all runners, especially those in the 100 miler. I am inspired by how much preparation and conditioning these athletes do. I hope it all comes together successfully on the day.

View from Linden Ridge