Sunday, July 31, 2011

M7 Marathon Pacing

It was a beautiful morning for running, cool, cloudy and not a breath of wind. I felt good churning out 4:15 kms but always had to keep myself in check to stop myself getting carried away and running too fast. Had a great time with the Sub 3 wannabees, we rode the wave of the ups and downs of marathoning today. Thankfully was able to help 1 or 2 get home, and a couple of others mighty close.

Got a nice comment on CR from a fella that just got under, made the day all worthwhile, although saying that the cash they hand out for podiums would have come in handy, especially with the Commonwealth Champs in September looming. Don't know what I could have run today if I had raced though. Still feeling a little sluggish post Kokoda Challenge but it was really nice putting on the racing flats again.

Focus is now on the shorter, faster stuff. Next week I am in a Bay Run Fun Run team for Woodstock, and then the C2S where going on current form should go close to a PB.