Thursday, October 20, 2011

Training and GNW100

Just a quick training update. I've been really happy how it is all going and finally feel as though my weekly routine is pretty much set in concrete, this last fortnight has been pretty much the same weekly cycle. I've tinkered a bit with it here and there but I'm liking it the way it is now. Basically old skool marathon training in approach, nothing really too amazing. Mid-week longish and Sunday l-o-n-g, Tuesday & Thursday speed, Monday, Wed, Friday easy with a Sat tempo, rest or cross train. The hardest part has been tinkering with the training conditions; doubles or singles, and on road, treadmill or trail?

I feel as though this bulk of training has to lead somewhere, and all roads, trails and conveyor belts are pointing to the Great North Walk 100 on the Central Coast. This will be my debut on the course and from all previous reports it sounds like it is a belter of a course and harder than TNF. I've been throwing around the idea of having a crack at the 100 mile event. The idea of ruuning 174km is so untempting yet tantalising at the same time. It looks like a cracking course, and to stop at 100K seems a shame.

It is something to ponder about in the next week or so, more than likely the Boss will read this and talk some sense into me!

With views like this, who wouldn't enjoy training?