Sunday, October 30, 2011


Pretty much going to be R.I.C.E for breakfast, lunch and tea for the next 2 weeks if I am any chance of lining up at GNW thanks to a calf strain throwing the ultimate spanner in the works.

These things always happen when you are: a) feeling the quickest and fittest you have in a long time, b) after a stack of large, consistent training weeks, c) while you are leading a race or d) while you should be tapering . In my case its e) all of the above!

I went for a very cruisy 10 k plod on the trails yesterday in very minimal shoes and when I got back my left calf felt a little tender but nothing out of the ordinary. Then in warm up this morning before the Running Wild event I couldn't feel it and so was amped for a big run. I didn't do this event last year and I have heard how beautiful the course was (will have to wait till next year to find out!)a and was looking to have a quick hitout before a taking it easy for the next 2 weeks.

I took the race out hard and was leaping about, loving the trail with all the downhill stair sections and tight boardwalks. I wasn't feeling any pain and was pushing along nicely out in front on almost full throttle. Then I began to feel the dreaded throb and knew it was only one long flex away from pulling. Before I could even think about how I was going to nurse it along 'RIP' there it went when pushing off a little step. I stopped immediately and began the lonely journey back.

Thanks to all the competitiors for your concern out there too, really appreciate it. I shouldn't be too upset, I've been very fortunate with injuries, nothing too serious so far.

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  1. ah man that sucks. I did my calfs in 2 weeks before TNF100 this year. I managed to get fit in time. Did run a single step for the 2 week period though.

    hope you can pull through so we can catch up in a couple of weeks.