Thursday, February 9, 2012

All this rain!

Just a quick training update. Things have been hectic with the glorious provisions that is school holidays ending and me trudging back to the 9 to 5 place that pays off the mortgage. At least it gives me the chance to get back into my more regular training routine. Been hitting the speed (sessions) a bit more and so far it's been the tonic I needed. Not only has it sharpened me up a bit but I've managed to drop a few kgs that were hanging around from the indulgences over Christmas. Thanks to Wayne Bulloch for the great training sessions of late.

Racing...not much. The Knapsack 6h race went OK before the humidity got the better of me and decided to check out at the 5h mark. Solid run of 50K, and this will be the biggest I'll do before 6 foot. Last Saturday I ran a 10K on the road, and was happy with a comfortable sub 35.

Ran the famous "Orchard Run" with Clarke, Wayne, and new friends Kirsten Molloy and Neil Pearson. Clarke and I really pushed the pace, especially early on with the Perry Bros. as company. What a great training track that is with all its ups and downs.

In other news, I was successful in my application to run in the World 100km Championships in Italy in April. It seems like I'm committing adultery going back to the road...but reality is Nadine and I love travelling and Nadine especially has always wanted to go to Turkey (I just want to go for the Kebabs). So it kills two birds with one stone, I get to run for Oz at the highest level I am ever going to achieve, picking up the crumbs that the real runners leave behind, while we both get to check out some new places in Greece, Italy and Turkey. Being around Galipolli that time of year is going to be a highlight too. Again thank you DET for well timed school holidays and Teachers Fed for the wonderful leave entitlements that are available!

Looks like then that 2012 is starting to take shape with 6 Foot, then the Worlds, then TNF. I think that they compliment each other in that order, with the shift from trail back to road training prior to the Worlds. Penrith Lakes will be getting my business. After TNF I think at this stage I'm going to try and chip away again at my marathon PB and try to get it under 2:30 at a July or August marathon. Then a few No Roads commitments and the year looks after itself.

No what about this rain! When will it end? I've dug out a few running shoes I haven't worn in years as all my others are wet and muddy. Which totally vindicates my compulsive hoarding...of course it's for these rainy days.

From the Knapsack race