Sunday, February 19, 2012

Weekend with the McClymonts

With Nadine busy with her thesis, I took advantage and had a big weekend with the McClymonts up here in the mountains. On Saturday, Clarke, Tiff and friends Tym and Dan hit the Megalong Rd to Pluvio section of 6 Foot Track. With Tiff keeping Tym and Dan honest, Clarke and I agreed upon the plan of running hard to the bridge, running solidly up to Pluvio and then turning around to give our legs a bit of a thrashing on the way down before grinding out the singletrack section back to Megalong Rd.

I was also trialing the UlrAspire Surge hydration pack, supplied by barefootinc.

This was the way it went, and ended up a perfect hit out. I commented to Clarke at the top of Pluvio how well I felt at the top. We never really were blowing hard and we managed to keep the km splits in the mid 6 minute mark to get a cemetery to Pluvio split of 1h 44m. Turning around, we gave the downs a smack without going nuts (we'll leave that for race day), got to the river and waded across (has gone down since last weekend) and ran solidly back to the cemetery for a 3:17 run all up. Very happy. The Surge pack was brilliant; comfortable and light, it handled the run with ease. I highly recommend it!

Once back, we met up with a few other chaps out on the course, and soaked our legs in the creek waiting for Tiff and Tym (Dan was running further along the Black Range). Sitting in that creek with the fast flowing water over the rocks giving the muscles a massage was brilliant.

Today we headed out today to Perry's Lookdown for a 'recovery' session. It's a beast of a little trail, descending some 350 m over 2.2km into the Blue Gum Forest. We walked it down, just jogging when we could, no need to take risks. Unfortunately Tiff rolled her ankle admiring a view instead of the trail, I hope she'll recover in time for 6 Foot as she is hitting peak fitness and will give it a real tilt. Once in the Blue Gum forest, we took a few photos and ran another km to the campground. Clarke was keen to give his 2006 ascent of high 29 minutes a crack, and also try out his walking poles that he plans to use in UTMB later in the year.

The ascent was really tough; I really struggle on steep ascents like this and throwing stairs in the mix makes it twice as hard! About two thirds of the way up I had to walk and Clarke passed by effortlessly. I reached the top after 32 minutes; a time I'm determined to beat next time. Clarke did it in just over 30 and missed his record by seconds.

Bring on 6 Foot!
On the swing bridge over Cox's