Sunday, February 26, 2012

Taper Time!

The build up to 6 Foot is now over and I move into full blown taper mode for the next 2 weeks. I had a fairly easy week this week past, and the Runnng Wild race today is the last of my hard hit outs before the big day. It's time now to let the muscles fully recover, get psychologically ready and plan the race.

All signs are good for a PB this year. I've had a good build up and am happy with my last couple of races. On my home course today, the Woodford Dam race, I ran over 5 minutes quicker than I did last year which I have to be happy with. I wanted a very hard hitout and raced it like 6 Foot, taking off quickly to simulate the bum rush to Nellies and then settled into a bit of a more conservative pace before tackling the hill with vigour. To get to the turnaround in 37 minutes was pleasing, but of course the pay off for this is the struggle back (to simulate the fatigue I'll feel on the Black Range). I was happy to hold the lead for all but the last km where an inconveniently placed hill and a much better hill runner than I, Tony 'Fats' Fattorini would see me have to settle for second by about 30 seconds. For 18.5K this course certainly packs some punch!

Now it's time to sharpen up with shorter, sharper runs and also to sleep and eat well. I always find eating hard in taper weeks.