Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Year of the 100k

I have entered the Great North Walk 100k event, my third 100ker of the year (counting Kokoda). It's an event I've ever really given much thought too, but since my Woodstock buddy and friend Phil did the 100ker last year, there has been a growing curiosity. This was deepened listening to the glowing reports from Kokoda teammate Clarke, who also happens to have the unofficial 100k course record and has won this event the last two years. Clarke is looking to finally pen his name into the record book this year, and the way he is running, he will no doubt do just that.

From all reports, this event is very very tough (imagine what the 100 miler is like). Both the elevation and terrain are testing, but also, and quite possibly the biggest challenge is the hot and humid November weather.

On other news, official photos from the M7 marathon have come in. Sorry for the gaudy pacing shirt!

Starting out with quite a few in the 2:59:59 group.
But as it goes, the group became less and less!

Just making sure I don't finish too early.

Yep, time to register my finish for my 4th M7 marathon - now the most of any one road marathon.

Really glad to have paced this guy home, he was really grateful at the finish and it made my day to read a really nice post he put up on CR.