Sunday, August 7, 2011

My rules, my PB!

Headed down to the Bay this morning to run in the Bay Run Fun Run. Last time I ran this event was probably 4 years ago, not long after I started to take running seriously again. Ever since then it seems to have clashed with the M7 or some other more worthy event. Part of the reason I entered was also because I was part of one of the three Woodstock teams, and as the teams organiser, there was no way I couldn't go.

With just some of the fellow Woodies that made it
down to the Bay this morning.
I wasn't expecting great things today, and I'm glad to say I lived up to my predictions. Although the title of the post indicates otherwise, there are some asterisks that go in the fine print! My previous Bay Run PB was just under 24 minutes set at a Woodstock Handicap almost a year to the day ago, but on the 'old' Bay Run course. Me thinks the new bridge has made the course a bit faster and a bit shorter. Of course more evidence of this was seen today; both male and female course records were broken.

I've never been one to be precious about 'certified measured courses' and such rubbish when listing PBs. If it says it's 7km on the event website, that's good enough for me (and it does). At least they're not putting it in the in point GNW100s aren't 100 miles or kilometres I recently found out. So I'll take what I can get, after all, with all the long stuff I've done this year, it's a miracle I have any fast twitch left!

The team? Well Barney, Dawlo, Chaia and I finished 4th behind two very good school teams from Trinity (Brad Woods is the teacher there) and a team that call themselves the '4 Jokers'! The other Woodstock teams came 11th and 22nd.